USD771898S1 US29/538 172 US201529538172F USD771898S US D771898 S1 USD771898 S1 US D771898S1 US 201529538172 F US201529538172 F US 201529538172F US D771898 S USD771898 S US D771898S Authority US United States Prior art keywords pet treat pet view treat break lines Prior art date 2015-09-01 Legal status (The legal status is an assumption and A pet treat dispensing system comprising a non-edible interactive pet toy and means therein for removably mounting an edible pet treat in an exposed position for easy access by a pet wherein the treat is kept at a distance from stainable surfaces when the toy is in the upright position A method for dispensing a pet treat is also disclosed

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14 Patents in Every Fake Bite of Impossible Burger August 5 2020 11 Fake meat is all the rage and although plant-based meat alternatives have been on the market for years the industry is gaining speed promoting its meatless 'burgers' as a sustainable solution to feed the world The green image is an illusion however one predicated

Searching for a treat your favorite feline can't resist? Look no further Delectables is the first gourmet lickable treat to combine tender real chicken and succulent plump fish in four purr worthy textures: bisque (smooth) stew (hearty) chowder (creamy) and pate (soft)

This invention uses interferon-α as an active ingredient in a pet food or treat to reduce dental plaque and tartar to maintain oral health and protect against periodontal diseases US Patent No 9 629 900 (April 25 2017) Yoshioka K et al assigned to National Institute of Advance Industrial Science and Technology Tokyo Japan

Jane E Brody interviewed Marion Nestle a professor of nutrition and food studies at New York University and an author of a book on dog food entitled "Feed Your Pet Right: The Authoritative Guide to Feeding Your Dog and : [Nestle] noted that the so-called premium pet foods cost three to four times more than supermarket brands Within the premium brands there is also a

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A pet treat shaped like the outline of a T-bone of meat e g steak with a wide rounded top and a pinched bottom with two semi-circles representing the end of the bone US Patent No D810 391 (Feb 20 2018) G Sunvold et al assigned to Mars Incorporated McLean VA

Justia Patents Exercise Or Amusement Device US Patent for Pet toy treat dispenser Patent (Patent # 9 301 496) Pet toy treat dispenser Jul 14 2014 - The KONG Company LLC A treat dispenser is provided for an animal to dispense treats by moving the dispenser The dispenser includes a central spherical body and a plurality of peripherally

A pet treat in a sealed container The treat is in the form of one or more pieces of a formulated food product Each piece has a fried body of a thermally gelled matrix containing protein and starch Further each piece has a moisture content of above about 25 % by weight The pet treat may be retorted

Coming home to pet messes is not how anyone likes to unwind after a long day which is why we set out to create the ultimate dog pad Hartz Home Protection dog pads make clean-up simpler make replacement and disposal easy and protect flooring from unpleasant accidents

Headquartered in San Jose California Petzila is a leader in internet of thing (IoT) pet solutions with a broad array of patents pending it has created a platform of technology solutions promoting interactivity health maintenance training and overall well-being between pet parents and the animals they love

A dog's size must be taken into consideration when determining which procedure to perform Dogs must weigh at least 4-5 pounds in order to perform an interventional catheterization procedure Occasionally a small dog can wait until it is large enough to undergo an interventional catheterization procedure

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A treat-dispensing toy for pets The embodiment may dispense a substance such as a treat when a pet interacts with the embodiment The embodiment may include a body an interior chamber defined within the body a first planar surface formed within the interior chamber an opening formed in the body and communicating with the interior chamber wherein the interior

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Dec 06 2018As the hot molded pet treats cools during the conveying process allowing the pet treat to be bagged/packed safely and directly from the molding process This allows the pet treats to be bagged with the water activity between 0 55 a w and 0 70 a w thereby eliminating additional curing or hardening process and/or time

Each chew satisfies your dog's natural instinct to chew while using the same abrasive chewing action to help clean teeth and freshen breath Contact Us Contact us for more information on Better Belly™ products and get answers to questions Learn More Find a Store Near You Shop online and find Better Belly™ products at a store near you

An animal protein-based dog treat has a soft crunch and a stable shelf life without use of an appreciable amount of sodium or chemical preservatives A method of producing the dog treat entails use of extrusion and heating processes to trap moisture in the interior of the dog treat and then to expand and evaporate the moisture This process creates in an internal portion of the dog treat

Dec 06 2018what is claimed is: 1 A process for manufacturing an edible pet treat by an injection molding machine comprising the steps of: inputting one or more raw materials in a storage container of an injection molding machine dispensing the raw materials from the input storage container to hopper of the injection molding machine maintaining the quantity of the

LANNEY Dog Treat Pouch Pet Training Bag for Small to Large Dogs Treat Tote Carry Kibble Snacks Toys for Training Reward Walking Metal Clip Waist Belt Shoulder Strap Poop Bag Dispenser 4 8 out of 5 stars 570 $14 99 $ 14 99 $24 99 $24 99 Get it as soon as Wed Jul 8

Feb 12 2018Doctors and nurses have traditionally been of the mindset that if we just give patients the 'right' medication their psychological status will improve says Dale Needham a professor of medicine and of physical medicine and rehabilitation at the School of Medicine and senior author of the new editorial In fact we probably need to give less medicine and rely