the number-one provider of large high-accuracy reflectors with more than 90 lightweight mesh antennas on orbit By drawing upon this experience and our repeatable designs proven processes and rigorous testing capabilities we are reducing risk for our space antenna customers who want to tap the potential of smallsats for their ue proposition for on-orbit fabrication of space structures including one for a starshade de- signed to enhance the capabilities for optical imaging of exoplanets by the proposed New World Observer mission and a second for a long-baseline phased array radar system


Submitted by drupal on Thu 10/23/2014 13:43 Firm: Tethers Unlimited Inc [2] Award Solicitation: NASA SBIR 2012 Phase II Solicitation [3] Award ID: SBIR_12_P2_124311 Award Topic: Expandable/Deployable Structures [4] Award Dollars: 749 998 00 Award Lead Center: Langley Research Center [5] Proposal Number: H5 01-9689 Proposal Title: TRUSSELATOR On-Orbit Fabrication of High

HIGH RESOLUTION OBSERVATIONS OF THE ATMOSPHERE USING INFRARED SOUNDING AND 3D WINDS MEASUREMENTS K R Maschhoff1 J J Polizotti1 H H Aumann2 and J Susskind3 1) BAE Systems P O Box 868 Nashua NH 03061-0868 USA 2) JPL 3) NASA GSFC Abstract MISTiCTM Winds is an approach to improve short-term weather forecasting based on a miniature high

The Trusselator program is investigating the value proposition and technical feasibility of fabricating composite truss structures on-orbit to enable construction of high-power solar arrays high-gain antennas and other large spacecraft components In the Phase I effort we developed a number of conceptual approaches to constructing large solar arrays identified approaches

Product Range and Options ORBIT valves are manufactured in a variety of materials sizes and trims to meet specific requirements Materials Carbon steel stainless steel duplex SS high nickel alloys and other special materials are used as service conditions require

mini batching plant supplie Orbit intelligent many years of experience in Engineering with latest progress in technology makes this high speed Multi-Product Machine We have indigenously developed the technology at par excellence with the best available in the world for Fly ash based Brick making Plants so Homogeneous dry mixing Uniform wet mixing with auto timer cycle


TRUSSELATOR: On-Orbit Fabrication of High-Performance Composite Truss Structures Impact Evaluation of In-Space Additive Manufacturing and Recycling Technologies for On-Orbit Servicing Trusselator™ Technology for In-Situ Fabrication of Solar Array Support Structures

Apparatus for Manufacture and In-Space Assembly of Antennas comprising: a prefabricated primary reflector center section a trusselator truss assembler a phased feed array wherein said prefabricated reflector center section trusselator and phased feed array are fixedly connected to one another a self- positioning and orienting tool a truss extending from said trusselator a

Traditionally these types of missions would be performed using formation flying or using large costly satellites equipped with complex deployable structures For many sensing modalities fundamental physics demands large apertures or long baselines to achieve the high resolution sensitivity and throughput required for these missions

Oct 28 2014The Trusselator is a device for in-space additive manufacture of high-performance truss structures for systems such as large solar arrays and antennas Tethers Unlimited is developing a set of technologies called SpiderFab™ to enable on-orbit fabrication of spacecraft components

performance on orbit than expected though selected such as multi-layer insulation blankets High A/m objects are subject to discernable radiation pressure forces in addition to atmospheric drag the fabrication of DebriSat was completed and the hypervelocity laboratory impact test was successfully conducted [1] The

Mar 16 2010An Overview of On-Orbit Servicing (OOS) Capabilities Approved for Public Release Distribution Unlimited International Workshop on On-Orbit Satellite Servicing March 25 2010March 25 2010 Speaker: Kiel Davis Honeybee Robotics VP Engineering Visit:

TRUSSELATOR - On-Orbit Fabrication of High Performance Support Structures for Solar Arrays Submitted by drupal on Thu 10/23/2014 - 13:43 Firm: Tethers Unlimited Inc Award Solicitation: NASA SBIR 2012 Phase II Solicitation Award ID: SBIR_12_P2_124311 Award Topic: Expandable/Deployable Structures

While adding a high degree of flexibility and convenience to your professional development the program maintains the level of quality and effectiveness consistent with a traditional approach Fire service personnel who have earned an associate degree in fire science technology or related discipline earn credit toward a bachelor's degree


The Trusselator is a key element of the NIAC SpiderFab architecture for on-orbit fabrication and integration of space systems This technology will enable order-of-magnitude improvements in performance-per-cost for a wide range of mission including: - High Power Solar Arrays for SEP Exploration Missions

Jul 27 2016High-Accuracy Self-Calibration for Smart Optical Orbiting Payloads Integrated with Attitude and Position Determination Beijing 100084 China jl918cam ac uk (3)Collaborative Innovation Center for Micro/Nano Fabrication Device and System Beijing 100084 China jl918cam ac uk (4)Photonics We propose an on-orbit self-calibration

Hello everyone here we go with another Week in Review This week we had a clear view at what AM can provide in terms of performance Through new technologies and collaborations we are seeing a future in which certain tasks simply couldn't be accomplished in any other way

In a few cases there are on-orbit servicing (also known as in-orbit servicing) programs that could also be utilized to assist with orbital debris remediation programs The diversity of approach in terms of different technologies governmentally-backed versus commercial approach as well as differing economic models and maturity of program

The Space Electronics Systems Development Branch is responsible for the transition from spacecraft concept to a final product In this role the Branch performs concept development and provides expertise needed to economically develop implement and test the concept The Branch provides detailed electrical/electronic design fabrication test integration launch and

The Trusselator is meant to fabricate trusses which would be robotically assembled into large-scale structures (Image courtesy of TUI ) With NIAC Phase I and II funding TUI developed the Trusselator a system for producing trusses that are made from fiber composite materials using what Hoyt described as a combination of 3D printing

the ease of handling wire feedstock in zero-gravity high feedstock consumption efficiency and high power efficiency of this process Applications in space include on-orbit fabrication of large space structures and repair and manufacturing of spare parts on long duration human exploration missions where resupply can be difficult and costly [3]

Redwire is a provider of mission-critical space systems and high-reliability components MIS a provider of space manufacturing technologies is the first commercial company to additively manufacture in space With a focus on industrializing the space environment MIS specializes in on-orbit manufacturing space-enabled materials development